Prof. (Dr.) Subhas Ch. Biswas

Prof. (Dr.) Subhas Ch. Biswas

MBBS (Cal), MD (PGI, CHD), FICOG, FMAS, FIAOG, FIMSA ,Urogynae Specialist

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• More than 70 Publications in National & International Journals, Reviewer of
Many Books & CONTRIBUTOR to FOGSI-FOCUS Regularly

• Many of His successful Surgeries have been Focused on in Daily Newspapers like
“Ananda Bazar Patrika”, “Bartaman”, “The Telegraph” & by several Tv Channels.

Well Known Academician in His Field:
Published almost 70 articles of original Research in various "NATIONAL & INTERNATIONAL JOURNALS". Best known Research on ORMELOXIFENE – Pioneer Worldwide & Popularly Marketed as SEVISTA.

• Another research on GINGER extract drew the attention of popular “British TV Channel”.

National Correspondent Editor of Prime Indian Gynaecological Journal, Jogi (2011-2013)

• Advisor, Editorial Board, AL AMEEN Journal of Medical Sciences.

Dr. Subhas Ch. Biswas

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Dr. Subhas Ch. Biswas